Rental Terms & Conditions

The Lessee and/or Guarantor of all the articles hereby undertakes to pay the lessor for non-reparable and/or malicious damages while said articles are on lease. The Lessor retains the right to take proceeding against third parties if any are involved to which the Lessee herewith consents.


The customer agrees to pay the Lessor $10.00 for each day that the rented articles are kept beyond the Return Date indicated on the reverse side. After 5 days past the due date, the retail value of the items rented will be owed by the customer.


If the Lessor is unable to deliver any of the items ordered by the customer, the Lessor's liability will be limited to the rental price of the items not delivered.


The damage waiver fee covers repairable damages only and is non-refundable. Irreparable damages will be charged the replacement value of the damaged item.